Mission Statement

This is a survey conducted by a group of early career directors who felt like they were being neglected by the arts, industry and pockets of funding as a result of Covid-19. We therefore decided to reach out to other early career directors to see if they felt the same. After circulating our Google Forms survey over platforms including social media sites, the Young Vic Genesis Network, JMK Network, as well as our own contacts, we collected 106 responses in over 2 months.


With these findings, we hope to spark conversations and provide data for the people we know are fighting the fight on our behalf, while also urging them and those who have neglected us, to include us in conversations about the future. 

Having gone through our results, we were mostly terrified by the striking amount of early career directors who are considering leaving the industry and who haven’t been eligible for funding.

We would also like to draw the reader’s attention to our data on page 9, where we asked: What would be the most helpful thing for you in the next six months? We would love to be included in conversations with leading industry members and institutions on how to provide mentoring and networking opportunities for early career directors as well as a plea to aid us in seeking financial support in order to continue our futures in theatre.


Thank you for reading this summary of data. We know this has been a trying time for the industry but also believe that the industry would be stronger if it had artists of all career levels united.

Please contact us at earlycareerdirectorsnetwork@gmail.com to start this conversation.

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